Baldwin Deputy Speaks Out Against Sheriff Hoss Mack

The following is a letter sent to Toss Hoss from a deputy in the Baldwin Sheriff’s Office. This deputy has asked to remain anonymous. We can be contacted by other LEOs through our secure email address We appreciate the service of our deputies and value what they have to say.

To the citizens of Baldwin County:

You have been made aware and informed of the many things the Sheriff and his administration are doing to violate your rights and use the position for his own agenda. I feel it is my duty as a veteran Deputy of the office to make you aware of the abuses and unfair treatment that are happening on the inside. As I said I am a Deputy Sheriff who has worked for the previous administration as well as this one but cannot reveal my identity for fear of retaliation from Sheriff Mack.

I would like to start by addressing the law enforcement experience of Sheriff Mack and one of his Chief Deputies. Sheriff Mack had no law enforcement experience prior to being hired from the forensic lab in Mobile. After his hire he was put in charge of the criminal investigations division where he remained until he was elected Sheriff. He has never been a patrol deputy where you gain valuable experience in serving the public as well gaining the respect of your peers.

Since being elected he hired his best friend, Anthony Lowery and put him in charge of the Civil Division and has since elevated him to assistant Chief Deputy where he makes important decisions within the enforcement division of the Sheriff’s office. Lowery also has no prior law enforcement experience. His only job that related prior to his appointment was being an investigator for the District Attorney’s Office. So it is fair to say that the men making the decisions in the Sheriff’s Office are not as qualified as being reported by some news media outlets.

Second I would like to address the state of moral and the unfair treatment of Sheriff’s Office employee’s by this administration. The majority of Deputies are unhappy with the Sheriff and the way he is running the office but can’t voice their opinions for fear of retaliation. I have seen it happen many times. Some instances are:
• A veteran investigator gave some opinions of his/her ideas about how to more efficiently run the Criminal Investigations Division. Rather than commend and speak with him/her on the ideas the Deputy was transferred to patrol to work shift work and then transferred again to court security. I am sure the Deputy was told that it was because of the needs of the department but everyone knows it was to punish the Deputy and put him/her back in line.

• An office clerk at the Fairhope satellite courthouse was transferred to the Foley satellite courthouse in an attempt to make her quit all because the Sheriff’s number #2 man did not like her. This employee has been with the Sheriff’s Office for as long as I have or longer and is loved by the citizens of Baldwin County as well the Deputies that interact with her. This was a bully move and did not go unnoticed by Sheriff’s Office employees.

• A veteran deputy assigned to investigations was transferred out to be replaced by a rookie with less than 5 years law enforcement experience just because the rookie’s family had political connections that would benefit the Sheriff.

• A veteran Deputy who was a member of the military reserve was denied a chance to promote due to him/her being involuntary deployed during the Iraq war. This does not surprise me though due to the Sheriff or the Chief Deputies never serving in the military.

These are just some of the unfair actions by the Sheriff and his administration that effect moral and the overall performance of the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Mack has the final decision as to what happens within the Sheriff’s Office from promotions, transfers, demotions, disciplinary action and termination. He has ensured this through the Standard Operating Procedure that he revised when he took office so that there would be minimal appeal because he had the final say. Very similar to a dictatorship instead of a democracy.

I voted for Sheriff Mack when he was elected into office because he made promises of change and fairness and that he would always be accessible to his Deputies. That is not the case anymore if you want to see him you have to make an appointment and then it is usually denied if you don’t want to talk about something that he wants to hear. I have lost confidence in the Sheriff and the so called leadership that he has put in command in the office. Sheriff Mack is using the office to boost his own ego and political gain and will say whatever it takes to snowball the citizens of Baldwin County into reelecting him. He has already had two terms and it is time to give someone else a shot. I am supporting Larry Milstid for Sheriff.

When I found out he was running I called and asked why and his reply was that he wanted to get the office back to serving the citizens of Baldwin County and he wanted to right the wrongs of the current administration to include treating good employee’s fairly. Larry also said that he was happy being retired but was told by someone close to him that he should stop sitting around griping about what is going on and try to make a change. I hope you all get out to vote on June 3rd 2014 and vote for either of the two opposing candidates.

19 thoughts on “Baldwin Deputy Speaks Out Against Sheriff Hoss Mack”

  1. Sounds just like the school superintendent. …I do believe they are buddies. He does the same thing. Everyone is afraid to speak out against him. People who have suddenly disappear from their jobs.

    1. No doubt that the Superintendent and the Sheriff have proven to be most incompetent and corrupt. I would like to hear more stories of the people who have been let go for speaking out. Maybe we need to start a new forum for that like a “Horrible Bosses” forum so we can tell all.

  2. I had a situation with Mr. Lowery and he is rude. If I new I could have done something for the way he spoke to me I would have. He does not to be in the position he is in.

  3. I have witnessed first hand that when you call the Sheriffs office for assistance with one of the Deputy’s breaking the law, ( 2 yr old not in a car seat and driving in excess of 75 mph) NOTHING IS DONE. They are allowed to use the deputy car for personal use, and nothing is said. They can filed false charges (later dropped ), but you can’t file one on them!!! It’s a joke!! I tried to call Mack on 3 different occasions and left a message…never to be returned. SOME SHERIFF!!!!

    1. I tried calling Hoss to make a complaint about some deputies.I called so much,and got put off so many times I finally got a letter in the mail,basically TELLING me to stop.Hoss would not meet with me.I did file a complain agains the deputies,they never even investagated my compliant,and it was dropped.

  4. 2 youths stole our truck one was charged right away the other was not charged until 8 weeks later O did I say he was a football player

  5. My husband and I met with Mack two times and Lowery once. Lowery had such an attitude and was such a smart mouth to us and Mack allowed it to happen. This was a very serious crime against our child that left him fighting for his life. I gathered so much information myself and gave to them but the witnesses they talked to said they intimidated them so much and turned their stories around. There was not one arrest made in this case. I despise Hoss Mack and Anthony Lowery and Donny Paine, they are all a waste of tax dollars as far as I am concerned. I also feel horrible for the good deputies and other employees that have to work with the scum. I’m not telling anyone who to vote for just please vote for someone other than Mack.

  6. mr arthur is very rude also. mr milstid is not the man also. saw him at walmart in fairhope, did not bother to say hello and know him. worked under him several yrs ago. these people forget where they come from.

  7. This is true what TossHoss says about Anthony Lowery. I have heard from employees that he has said it openly around the Sheriff’s office. But of course all will be denied to ensure the current administration gets reelected.

    1. Thank you for your service. Hang in there. Just a few more months and Lowrey and Co will be a memory, albeit a bad one, but a memory none the less.

  8. I, an office clerk, found out anthony (he used to correct and make me call him major) was issuing pistol permits to people with misdemeanor domestic violence convictions. I explained the law to him but was ultimately made to print out “where I was getting my information from” and send it to his lazy ass. After I printed the law and politely highlighted it for him he quit issuing permits to those people. Anthony should have known the law prior to him be two people under the sheriff. There was another instance about the law that I informed them of regarding theft of property. After they got their “clarification” from the attorney general himself they finally (4 years later) put that into place. If they don’t know the laws they certainly don’t need to be in the sheriffs office. The domestic violence issue is playing with peoples lives. I no longer work there so I can now speak out without retaliation and tell about some of the things that went on while I was there.

  9. Spoke to someone today that said a couple of ON DUTY Deputies he encountered were campaigning for Hoss. Is this ethical? It’s bad enough he has all of his cars that the taxpayers bought stamped with his name!

  10. I am so sorry for the good people of Alabama and Baldwin County who have had to tolerate corruption and incompetence. I lost a son under questionable circumstances in 1998, said to have committed suicide in Baldwin County although shoddy investigative techniques, police reports, and the autopsy report prove the body was not my son’s and there has been a coverup. Investigating Deputy Huey Mack, Jr, his father, Coroner Huey Mack, Sr., and Corporal John Garner who were in charge of the investigation and body storage, etc., stonewalled my attempts to get police and funeral home reports saying that I would have to get a subpoena and court order to retrieve them.

    It was six years later I was advised that stonewallers Hoss Mack and Garner, in fact, weren’t in charge and to contact Sheriff James B. Johnson directly. I received the records promptly after contacting Johnson. Within the reports, which can be found at my blog, I found that there was mismanagement of the NCIC database in both counties, Baldwin, and Cobb County, Georgia where he disappeared. I also found that Hoss Mack identified the body himself by comparing fingerprints in his office and then notified the A.B.I, even in an untimely manner with a John Doe.

    The handling of the situation was bizarre, and later when I presented the information with a blog, a newspaper article written by Jillian Kramer with Hoss Mack participating attempted to discredit me as a grieving “looney” mother who refused to face reality. The impact that Cobb County police, the Baldwin County Mack family, and Baldwin County’s sheriff’s office and Mobile Press-Register newspaper has had on my family is lasting and we will never recover from it because the newspaper article validated Hoss Mack’s words and false or incorrect information to the general public.

    It is my most sincere wish for the good people of Baldwin County, and all of the good people of the entire state of Alabama that they can find a suitable replacement for Hoss Mack, and that the shoddy investigative tactics used involving my family and children can never occur there, or in any jurisdiction anywhere within the United States.

    I have been trying to locate Deputy Mike Holmes who began a report and didn’t finish it. If anyone can direct me to Mr. Holmes, please feel free to email me.

    Very truly yours,
    Michelle Looney, mother of Gerard Joseph Sniffen, III
    Sniffenfiles Blog

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